The Market

  • Can be used as a convenient medium to settle balances between different exchanges, wallets, and even banks (in the case of USDC).
  • or be used as a way for traders to park the profit or value against other volatile cryptos like BTC or ETH.

The Value Proposition

ESD vs DSD vs BAC vs MIC

Introducing Universal Dollar (U8D)


Fast Streaming

Fair Distribution

  1. There are first 10,000 U8D minted and sent to deployer address.
  2. Then deployer adds 10,000 USDC and 10,000 U8D to seed the Uniswap pool.
  3. Then received UNI-V2 LP tokens are sent to the 0x000…0 address.


Important Time


  • 0x2137fFbbB279218E1a61d4483DeD9C9a017e9257 DAO (U8DS)
  • 0x888888877A18532b78d259577d00057054C50Dd8 U8D
  • 0x8cb7c5422672F5432363C628358A5e7eA6938DC2 Oracle
  • 0x78c54b20CC4C2db6E7A9758aE16579D866BA6FFD UniswapV2 USDC:U8D Pair
  • 0x111eB123d0CEeEa59A3736ae1767F9E756bE8160 LP Incentivization Pool

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